10 Outdoor Fitness Safety Tips

April 25, 2017


Warm temperatures mean you can finally take your exercises outside. However, the outdoors expose you to undesired elements that you don’t face in the coziness of your home or gym.  Some of those elements include: airborne pollutants, UV radiation, injuries and more.

Below are tips you can use to ensure you’re safe while working out in the outdoors.


  1. Drink plain water if you plan on working out for a short amount of time. If your workout is going to be longer than an hour, a sports drink such as Gatorade will come in handy by replenishing your carbohydrates and electrolytes
  2. Purchase the appropriate sunglasses that have both UVA and UVB protection. Ensure they also block light from the sides and topside. This is vital because UV rays are responsible for many kinds of eye problems, some of which include: Cataracts and Glaucoma.
  3. Don’t forget that heat stress is cumulative. Heat related problems are more likely to occur if you exercised in hot weather the day before. It doesn’t matter if today happens to consist of mild weather either. It will more than likely have a toll on you.
  4. Be cautious when humidity is high outside. Your body is cooled because of your sweat evaporating into the air. When it’s humid, it’s lots of moisture in the air already. That being said, humidity can affect you the same way, or more, that hot and dry weather can.
  5. Be sure to check your head for hair loss. Skin cancer is more likely to develop on the top of your head than any other body part. If your scalp is visible through your hair, gel sunscreen or wearing a hat while exercising outside is advised.
  6. When putting on sunscreen, allow at least 30 minutes for it to become fully effective before going outside. It’s crucial to allow the time necessary for other locations on your body to absorb this.
  7. Going off the last point, bring the bottle of sunscreen with you as well. Some products may say that it’s ‘waterproof’, but even those products can fail during a long, sweaty workout. Be very cautious.
  8. Don’t be an over-achiever and do every exercise at once. Your body must get used to the outdoors. This will decrease your chances of extreme pain and stiffness the next day, and heat stroke.
  9. Be sure to drink 16 to 32 ounces of water before leaving out the door, and bring plenty of water with you. The slightest dehydration raises your heart rate and decreases its efficiency, but being dehydrated is just plain dangerous. Drink regularly while you’re in the middle of your workout.
  10. Consult your doctor about medications you’re consuming.  Some medications can make you more vulnerable to the outdoors. For example, fat burning supplements can lead to dehydration, while some antibiotics can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, even with sunscreen on.

While there are many ways to ensure you’re safe during outside workouts, the tips provided above are a few that we believe are crucial to get started. If you enjoy educational articles like this, feel free to check out more of our blogs on our website

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