5 Crucial Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

March 24, 2017


You think winter went by without leaving you a parting gift? I beg to differ. Even when it seems as if winter went easy on us this year, it doesn’t mean it didn’t cause any damage to your home or property before it left. We have come up with a list of common spring repairs that could prevent hassles with your homeowner’s insurance, and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


Damaged Gutters

This winter may not have been as bad as previous winters, however, the few storms we did have could have caused tree limbs and other debris to fall onto your roof and into your yard. Springtime is crucial for re-checking your gutters to prevent water from backing up from the heavy rains in April. Water being backed up can cause water damage (which will lead to an insurance claim), mold, mildew, and other leaks inside your home. Doing a little spring maintenance will help you avoid all of these things.


Replace roof shingles

Snow, ice, and Ice Dams can cause major damage to your roof. These damages are usually; missing shingles or bare spots. To prevent costly problems later on down the road, it is important that you consider fixing and replacing the small issues as they come up this spring, and not delay any longer.


Concrete Repair

Water can worsen cracks in the concrete and can lead to more water issues. If the concrete around your home can lead to lots of issues if it’s uneven. This is especially true if you’re a business owner, due to it becoming a liability issue if someone trips and falls.

As a homeowner, uneven concrete in your driveway can lead to water running towards your home, rather than away from it like it should. A standard insurance policy won’t cover water damage from groundwater running towards your home, so it’s best to consider purchasing a flood policy if there’s concern. If your home isn’t located in a high flood risk area, this will be fairly inexpensive for you. And, it will save you lots of money.


Check outside Faucets

Outside hose faucets could have freeze damage from the winter. A way of testing this is to place your thumb or finger over the opening of your faucet. If you can stop the flow of the water, there’s a big chance the pipe inside your home is damaged and needs repair. You should also check the garden hose for dry rot while you’re doing this as well.


Dirty Air Conditioner Unit

Before cleaning, you should disconnect the electric power to the condenser unit outdoor. Once that is done, it’s crucial for you to clean it of leaves and other debris with a vent brush, power blower, or some brush attachment on your vacuum. Inside your home, change your furnace filter as well, and vacuum the grille and register inside your home to ensure good air flow. This also saves you money and energy by avoiding expensive repairs in the future and on your bill.


The above-mentioned tips are not the only maintenance duties you can do for the spring, but, these are the maintenance tips we consider most important to saving you money on costly claims or repairs in the future.

If you would like to inquire about a flood insurance policy, or even re-check your policy and make sure it’s enough for any damages spring may bring, feel free to give us a call at 217-345-7063.

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