7 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

June 28, 2016


It’s summertime! You park your car for only 10 minutes while you make a quick stop at the local grocery store. You leave the store and open your car door to find that it feels like a sauna. This is due to high temperatures and your car being parked directly in the sunlight. Not a comfortable feeling at first, right? Well this is what the summer brings. So, to help with unbearable conditions, we have put together a list of 7 things you can do to keep your car cool during the summer.


Invest in a Sunshade or Window Visor

This should be your go to method to keeping your car cool in the summer time. The summer time sun can cause the interior temperature to increase at a fast rate. Therefore, it’s best to put up a sunshade or wind visor whenever you exit the car for more than a few minutes. Putting a sunshade in your rear window will also keep it cooler for longer periods of time.


Throw Blankets over leather seats

The car owners who have leather seats usually gets it the worst during the winter and summer months. This is due to leather absorbing the interior temperate of any environment. To keep your car seats cool in the summer, just simply throw blankets over them. And when you return to the car, you can simply throw them in your trunk. Believe us, this will make your summer days getting into your sun-exposed car more pleasant.


Crack Your Windows Slightly

We do not suggest leaving your windows open. That could potentially lead to bad things. However, there’s nothing wrong about leaving your windows slightly cracked. It should be cracked enough to the point that you cannot stick your hand into the car, and a regular person just passing by wouldn’t be able to even notice it being cracked (for safety purposes). The smallest crack will promote ventilation and keep your car cool before you use it.


Tinted Windows

This is another pricey option if you go to a professional, however it will definitely do some justice. The good thing about this is that you can either take your car to a professional to have them install your tint, or you can do it yourself to save money. Tinting your vehicle is a good way to control the interior temperature. However, we recommend doing some research about your state laws concerning tint. Some shades of tint are too dark, and will land you a lot of tickets from police patrolling the streets.


Simply Park in the Shade

This is probably the simplest method you can use. If given the chance, just park in the shade! Your car will not turn out to be completely cool due to outside temperature. However, parking in the shade hides it from sun rays and will greatly reduce discomfort.


Invest in Remote Start

With just the push of a button, you can start your car before you enter it to give it a chance to cool down. In order to do so, you have to be anywhere between 1 mile to 1500 feet. This may be a little pricy, depending on the brand of your car. You will have to pay for the remote starter kit, and for the installation of it. The average cost to install the parts ranges from $100-$180. This isn’t counting the special parts that may be needed which can average $50-$160 per vehicle.

However, we consider this a good long term investment. You can find this useful during the summer and winter seasons!


Use Bottom Vents

When you step into your hot car, your instincts is to open the window immediately. We all know that heat rises, which means your best bet to cool out the car from the bottom as quickly as possible. You can do so by turning the air on “max” and closing all of the upper vents. This way, only the vents at the bottom are functioning. Pushing the air from the bottom helps the heat escape through the windows. Once the hot air is gone, you can then switch back over to your upper vents. This will guarantee that you stay cool while you’re driving.


Here at Bob Oetting & Associates, we understand the discomfort of stepping foot into an extremely hot car during the summertime. Follow these tips, and say goodbye to uncomfortable car conditions this summer!

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  1. Tobias Armstrong says:

    I really like the idea to invest in a remote start system. I’ve always thought of a remote start being a little more helpful in the winter, when its cold, but I can see how it would be useful in summer as well. I really like all of the advice here, so thanks for sharing.

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