February 26, 2021


How to Avoid & Thaw Frozen Pipes

The entire purpose of preventing frozen pipes is to avoid pipe bursts, which can become very expensive. Homeguide breaks down the monetary damage and states “Pipe bursting repair costs $100 to $200 per foot with most spending…

February 10, 2021


Snowblower Safety 101

Winter looks different each year, depending on where you’re geographically located. One variable that remains constant is that there will always be snow to shovel! To make things easier you may be using a snow…

November 1, 2020


Avoid These Distracted Driving Behaviors

Distracted driving is inevitable in today's society. A big part of “why” is simply because of the technology that’s available to the everyday person. Distracted driving is all around us.   Have you ever sat…

October 25, 2020


Why Retirees Need Life Insurance

Finally reaching retirement is a huge accomplishment for many. You now have time to relax and do whatever your heart desires. Life Insurance isn’t a pleasant topic retiree’s are ecstatic to talk about, but it…