Fine Tuning Your Motorcycle for Riding Season

June 11, 2018


Riding season is here. It’s spring and summer will be here in no time. Although the weather can be very volatile, it’s still warm enough to ride! You have warm weather that allows you to engage in outdoor activities, including feeling the warm breeze while riding your motorcycle.

However, before you hit the road and travel far distances, it’s best to make sure you’re safe while doing so! The best way to ensure safety is to make sure your motorcycle is tuned up and have all the repairs needed to avoid serious injury or worse.


Check Brake Fluid

Brake fluid attracts a lot of moisture. Brake chains should be inspected for wear and brake fluid levels should be checked and topped off. Coolant should be added to appropriate levels as well.


Check your battery

Your motorcycle sits during the cold winter months, so it’s very common if you have a dead battery. You should first remove the battery and check for any white powder. If you find any, it’s best to replace it immediately. If not, hook it up to your trickle charger and give it a kick. Once it’s done, put it back in your bike and take it for a spin!


Change oil & oil filter

Simply put, if you didn’t change the oil on your motorcycle before putting it up for the winter, you need to change it before taking it for a spin this spring. These are very important components that need to be checked. The last thing you want is a locked engine on the side of the road.


Inspect your tires

It’s very natural to try and squeeze every single mile that you can out of your tires before you change them. This couldn’t be more dangerous. This is especially true since motorcycles themselves are high risks vehicles due to you being exposed versus inside of a vehicle.

Make sure to check for any cracks or flat spots that may have formed over the Winter. If everything checks out here, go on and check the tire pressure and fill or remove air as needed.


Give it fresh fuel

If you’ve had fuel sitting in your motorcycle all winter, most likely it’s not any good at this point. This can be very harmful to the engine and can cost you tons of money in the long-run. We recommend changing it altogether.


Give it a good cleaning

You want your bike to look good when you’re driving it in the warm weather, so give it a good shine. Besides, a clean bike adds to your appearance as well!


Ensuring your bike is ready to hit the road is essential when it comes to enjoying your bike rides accident-free. Of course, you can do everything yourself if you’re a handy person. If not, take it to a shop and tell them what you want inspected. Or at the very least, do some of the above mentioned items yourself and allow the shop to do the rest. This way, you save a little cash.


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