Five Ways to Save on Insurance

December 20, 2013


Curious how to save on insurance?

Most of us love the holidays but hate the dent it can put in our wallet. I just made another Christmas order on Amazon and can attest to this. With that in mind, here are five potential discounts on auto and home insurance I wanted to point out to everyone. Maybe some of these discounts can put some of that holiday cash back in your wallet.

1. Higher Education: Here is one area where all that money spent on college can pay off. Some carriers offer discounts based on your education level. Don’t have a college degree? No problem, there can also be a discount for vocational education or trade apprenticeship.

2. Homeowner: Many companies now offer a discount on auto insurance for simply owning a home.

3. Good Student: If you have or have had a young driver in your household, you know how painful auto insurance rates can be for youthful drivers. Most companies offer a good student discount to youthful drivers that meet a certain grade point criteria. A child doing well in school and a discount is a win-win.

4. Age of Roof: As major storms have passed through the midwest in recent years, insurance companies have paid many claims due to wind damage. One factor companies have noticed is that new roofs are much less susceptible to wind damage than older roofs. Due to this, some companies offer a discount if your home has a recently updated roof.

5. Auto/Home Discount: This is an obvious one, but a discount I can’t stress enough. Take advantage of this discount! This is normally the most sizeable discount available. It is also much more convenient to work with one agent for both your home and auto insurance rather than working with multiple agents.  

Some of these discounts might might apply to your current policy. It can also be wise to work with an independent agent who can compare various companies and help you use some of the discounts above to find the best combination of insurance coverage and value. If you would like to review discounts on your current policy or get a quote to see if we can find you a better value, please call us at 345-7063 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Until next time,

Dan Gabel

Bob Oetting & Associates


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