Helping A Parent Transition to Assisted Living

May 11, 2017


Big changes in life are stressful, especially when it impacts loved ones. It’s natural to be anxious and worried. As a child, you want to ensure you’re making the best choices for your parents as they transition. Making the choice to move your parents into assisted living isn’t easy as you must consider a variety of things such as; location, expenses, amenities, and much more.

How can you make this process easier? Consider these 4 things.



Hobbies are activities that an individual enjoys partaking in. A move to assisted living doesn’t mean this must change for your parents. The majority of assisted living facilities have a wellness director who plans exercise classes, music, and much more. It would be ideal to ask them questions, inform them of what would be a good activity for your parents, and plan ahead. Good facilities will make accommodations and ensure your parents are doing what they love during their stay. Highlight some of these activities to your parents to ease the worry.


Staying in Familiar Territory

The location at which your parent resides doesn’t have to be in a new town or state. They may prefer to stay near home, which may be a better option in some cases. If they attended a Wednesday night book club or Thursday night chess club, continuing this will create a sense of home. This way, they aren’t experiencing a huge shift in their environment.



Studies show that an active social life as we get older is beneficial for both our mental and physical health. Assisted living facilities provide built-in social calendars for residents who are interested. Also, urging loved ones to visit to keep in contact is a good way to maintain their social life as well.


Bring Valuables

One of the most difficult things about transitioning to assisted living is having to downsize. They can’t bring everything with them. Many of their belongings have great emotional value. It’s important that you pick out the ones that hold the most value for your parents and make room for them.



How to Make the Transition Easier for You

Parents aren’t the only ones who may find this move stressful. It can have a toll on you as well. Here are 3 ways to make the transition easier on you.



You should begin preparation for moving-day ahead of time. Some items will be taken with them, get donated, and others discarded. Some items may be valuable to you as well, and a hard choice must be made depending on whether you have room for those objects in your home.


Get Rid of Guilt

One should never feel guilty of making this decision for their parents. It’s not like you’re shipping them off because you don’t want anything to do with them. You and your family more than likely made this decision for safety and health reasons. Having your parents experience a new environment and make new friends doesn’t sound so bad to me.


Regular Visits

Of course, visiting regularly will give both of you a peace of mind at the end of the day. Making a schedule of when you will visit, and even planning fun activities for you two will do wonders. It will also relieve any guilt you may be feeling.


Assisted living isn’t the only new change that some may encounter as they age. Your insurance should change as well.

Feel free to contact our agency at 217-345-7063 to find out how we can assist you in keeping your insurance needs in check through the different stages of your life as you age.

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  1. Tyler Meredith says:

    My mom has been having a lot of trouble living on her own in her house as she’s been aging. I think it’s time she moved to an assisted living facility but I think she might be rather distraught or discouraged there. Your recommendation to visit regularly could be quite the comfort to her because she really appreciates my family’s company and could feel much happier if we scheduled a time each week.

  2. Jane Mcdaniels says:

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