Importance of Umbrella Insurance

January 2, 2019


Business owner? Freelancer? Own rental properties? Have teenage drivers? You’re one of the many people who could use Umbrella Insurance. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people are prone to sue for financial gain over the most trivial things. Because of this, you should always be prepared for this type of thing.

Umbrella insurance can add an additional $1 million and up to your existing coverage’s. Not bad, right?

Millionaires aren’t the only people who need umbrella insurance, contrary to popular belief of course. You’re always at risk if you fall into any one of these categories:


  • Entrepreneur/Freelancer
  • Have a teenage driver
  • Own a firearm
  • Entertain guests in your residence
  • Own recreational sports vehicles
  • Utilize social media
  • Own a home
  • Have children parties or sleepovers at your home
  • Own pets
  • If you breathe (just joking…kind of)


The more of the above-mentioned things that apply to your life, the most at risk you are. Basically, if you’re alive, you’re at risk. This is the sad and harsh reality.

It’s also very important to remember that auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover every single liability there is, as you would expect it to. There are limits to these policies that you need to be aware of. You can do this by having an in depth conversation with your insurance agent.


Having this additional coverage guarantees that you’re ready for any unnecessary lawsuit that comes your way in the future. Having a peace of mind shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, as umbrella insurance isn’t as costly as you would assume for a good coverage.


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