Keeping Dogs Warm During the Winter

January 25, 2019


Our furry friends are our best friends! I think everyone can agree with this statement. Dog walks during the spring, summer, and fall months are amazing and keeps our little friends active and playful. But, what about winter months? During the winter months, we’re more skeptical about giving walks during freezing temperatures which force us to lessen our walks.


You can’t avoid dog walks so you bundle up and make it happen. You’re protected from the cold weather, but, is your dog protected? Ensuring your dog is warm and safe during the winter time is crucial. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.


Tips for Dog Safety

Don’t leave your dog in the car

It’s common to see dogs hanging out in the car while their owner is grocery shopping or making a quick stop before they head home. You may have done it before as well while running errands. You may have even done this during the hot months. Both are BAD ideas! Your vehicle immediately cools down once the car is turned off. Do not leave your pups in their while running small errands…. even if the errand will take a few minutes. You don’t want to take a chance.

Keep your pup on a leash

Seems obvious, right? Believe it or not, this rule is not followed by dog owners as much as it should be. Imagine taking your dog for a walk and they are not on their leash. There’s also inches of snow and let’s say your dog is white. Dogs are more likely to get lost in the winter months because they lose their sense of smell in the snow. This makes it difficult for them to find their way back to you. How easy do you think it will be to find them? Not easy at all! Keep them on a leash in the winter months.

Clean off all snow

After taking your little one on a walk, ensure that you clean them off when returning home. You should never leave salt, antifreeze, snow, or any other dangerous chemicals on them.

Avoid overly shaving

We love seeing our dogs trimmed and adorable looking! However, removing most of their fur during the winter months isn’t recommended. The more fur…..the better!

Purchase warm clothing

Dogs may not be too fond of clothing or booties on them. They may even attempt to take clothing off (which is funny to watch). However, you want a covering to keep them warm and dry, especially on their feet. Booties can prevent cracked paws from salt. This can be extremely dangerous for dogs!

Give walks during the daytime

Simple tip but it’s not followed as often as it should be. We have seen many individuals who give their pups a walk in the late evening or nighttime. The same time temperatures drastically drop! This is not a good idea. It’s best to give your pup a walk during the daytime when it’s not as cold.


We love our furry friends and we want nothing but the best for them. Keeping them warm and safe during the freezing temperatures should be your biggest priority during the winter months.

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