Protecting Your Mental Health During Isolation: COVID-19 Guide

March 19, 2020


Take up a Hobby

Probably the most obvious piece of advice but also helpful. During isolation you have plenty of free time, probably too much free time! Learn a new hobby or engage in a hobby that you didn’t have time for before. Doing this can make you happy and take your mind off what’s going on in world, which can have a negative impact on your mental health.


Healthy Eating

To ensure optimal health while self-isolating, eating specific foods that are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other essential is recommended. That way, when leaving home to run essential errands, your immune system is in tip top condition to battle illness that may come your way.

We’re not saying you can’t eat your favorite ice cream while binge watching your favorite tv show on Netflix! But, be sure you’re getting what you need to avoid illness as well.



Educate Yourself/Spark Your Interest

Learning something new and improving your skill set while home can help with career advancement. Once all of this is over and you return to work, or even when looking for employment, you’ll stand out a lot more and have a foot up on the competition. Take the time to self-educate while everyone else is taking this time to relax.


Catch Up on Your to Do List

Have you been too busy lately to complete tasks that’s been on your to do list for the past few weeks? Still haven’t completed those chores around the house? Now is the time to be productive with the extra time you’re spending at home!


Communicate with Loved Ones

Isolation doesn’t mean you have to close yourself off from family and friends. In fact, keeping communication with loved ones is a good way to get through this time of uncertainty faster. Make that phone call to your family out of state. Check on your parents, siblings, and cousins as well. Wish them good health while also catching up! This will make their time in isolation go by faster just the same as yours.


Don’t Watch the News Often

Plenty of studies have shown that consuming negative news from the media can increase depression and have a negative impact on your mental health. Sometimes it’s best to go a full day or two without watching the news and just enjoying your own company.



While we do not know what the future hold, we do understand that there are ways to make the most of the time spent indoors. Taking control of your mental health is crucial during this time. Follow these tips and we’re sure your time will fly by!

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