The Downside of Buying Insurance Online: Why You Need an Independent Agent

September 15, 2019


Buying insurance is simple now days. You can literally open your browser on your phone or desktop and shop insurance policies and receive multiple quotes in a matter of minutes.

What’s the first thing that individuals do whenever they buy a car? They go online and request quotes from popular insurance providers before they drive off the lot. Whichever policy is more economical and provides sufficient coverage, they’re usually happy with that choice.

The only issue with this process is that you’re missing out on better prices and coverage by limiting yourself to online insurance instead of sitting down with an independent agent.


Why Independent Agents Offer More Flexibility


All Your Needs Will Be Handled


Having an agency that’s a one stop shop is more convenient. Many shoppers purchase insurance from one agency, while purchasing a different policy from another due to costs. With an independent agent, we shop for policies by going through various providers. By doing this, you only have one point of contact whenever you want to discuss your policies.


We Care About Your Finances


Independent agents run through various providers and ensure you receive quality coverage for a price that takes your budget into account. Big agencies offer discounts; however, those discounts are not as enticing as they could be if you considered other providers. Independent agents ensure you receive as many applicable discounts as possible.


Sense of Family


When you purchase insurance with an agency, you’re another client in their books. When going with an independent agency, you’re able to build a relationship with your agent, who will come to know you by name and ensure you’re always taken care of. If any red flags or concerns come about, they’re able to personally reach out to you!


Online insurance isn’t a bad idea. It’s very convenient and fast. However, it doesn’t consider your budget and ensure you’re getting the best price for your sought-out coverage.


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