The Question Insurance Agents Hate to Answer

November 22, 2013


All of us have questions we hear at work but hate to answer for different reasons. It might be something as simple as a minor annoyance or giving someone an answer they don’t want to hear.

Here is probably the hardest question for an insurance agent to hear: Did my husband or wife have life insurance with you?

Too often the answer to this question is no. This question is tough for us on a couple of different levels.

We are first faced with the thought of a family losing a Mother, Father, Husband, or Wife and what it will do to to that household emotionally and financially.

I recall a story of someone who lost his Father at a young age. Unfortunately his Father did not have life insurance.

His Mother worked multiple jobs to keep the family afloat financially. He feels in a way he lost both parents the day his Father died due to his Mom having to work extra to provide for the family resulting in a lot more time away from her family.

While we as insurance professionals can’t help with the emotional loss, life insurance does provide the financial peace of mind that is so important in a time of such deep loss.

We are next faced with asking ourselves, “Could I have done more to convince him or her to purchase life insurance?”

 When asked we usually get responses like I have coverage through work and let it go rather than recommending the need to have life insurance YOU own. We also often hear I am busy right now ,but I will get around to it.

 We all have things we put off or convince ourselves we don’t need. We in the insurance industry are still finding the best ways to let people know just how big of a priority life insurance should be.

Please don’t hesitate to ever talk to me or someone in the office about life insurance. I will not be offended if you stop me at the park playing with my son, at the grocery store, or on the golf course.

Luckily my wife knows how much I believe in life insurance and is used to me talking about it all the time. Please contact us about your life insurance needs. Addressing this issue now will ensure your family has the protection and peace of mind they deserve.

Until Next Time,

Dan Gabel

Bob Oetting & Associates


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