Vacation Home Rental Tips

July 31, 2019


Thinking about renting a vacation home sometime soon for the family? Vacations are awesome! There is nothing better than enjoying family time in the comforts of an attractive vacation home for a few days. Of course, caution should always be taken when choosing a rental property. There are a few things we want you to consider before finalizing your payment and moving on with a vacation home rental.


Read the entire contract

We’re sure you heard the saying, “read the fine print.” As cliché as it has become, it couldn’t be further from a lie. Rental agreements should be taken very seriously. You’re renting something that belongs to someone else. You’re on the hook for any expenses that occur during your stay there. The contract should outline any charges that can occur due to leaving a mess, breaking personal property, high utility usage, and more.


Take Day 1 Photos/Videos

Have you ever rented a car and was required to do an initial check for damages before driving off the lot? The same procedure is required when renting a vacation home. You need to ensure photos are taken before getting started with your vacation. If not, you may have to cough up some serious money for incidentals.


Get a number for emergencies

What if something breaks down while you’re renting your vacation home? You need an emergency number to contact in these cases. Many families rent homes from individuals and forget to ask for a number that they can call 24/7 in case of emergency. What if the power goes out overnight? Something breaks? Furnace goes down? You need the owner to be accessible for these situations.


Ask for their insurance

The property owner should an insurance policy that covers any damages/injuries that may occur during your stay. If this isn’t the case, this is a huge red flag. They should also have property damage coverage in case of fires or other loss that isn’t caused by you.



With concealed carry being a popular topic in society today, you should always ask if there are any rules and restrictions on bringing weapons on the property. Better yet, you need to know if the owner themselves has weapons on the property. Why does this matter? Knowing if there’s weapons or not can prevent a tragic situation. The last situation you want to be in is having your children or loved ones getting a hold of a weapon unknowingly. This can be dangerous.


Call Your Agent

We mentioned the property owner should have liability and property damage coverage earlier on. However, you should have coverage as well. You can always get a short-term renters insurance policy. This will save you money just in case your family damages anything of the property owners.


Renting vacation homes should be an enjoyable experience. Therefore, we want to make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s before going all in on one! Contact us today to learn more about coverage’s we offer specifically for rental homes.

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