Why Do I Need Disability Income Insurance?

May 15, 2014


It’s a cliche, but one that’s true. Everything changes when you become a parent. Now that I have a toddler running around the house thinking he is smarter than me (He is), I can’t imagine my life without him. Do you know how cute it is to hear a two year old sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”?

In between all the cute and crazy moments of being a parent, we want our kids to have things even better than we did. This also leads us parents to doing some crazy things (I’m sure every parent has an insane Christmas shopping story).

Part of taking care of your family is having a safety net in case of the unexpected. Hopefully everyone reading this already has life insurance in place to protect their family from the unexpected http://boboettingandassociates.com/the-question-insurance-agents-hate-to-answer/ .

Another important safety net for your family is Disability Income Insurance. Disability Income Insurance replaces income in the event one becomes disabled and cannot work. The disability could be caused by anything from an accident to a severe illness.

I can’t help but think how close my life was to being drastically affected due to the lack of Disability Income Insurance in my family. One of my Dad’s great joys and source of pride was my graduation from the University of Illinois. Some of my most cherished memories are watching U of I basketball and football games with him.

I am thrilled he got to see me walk to the stage and get my diploma in 2001. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer in 2004.

This is where my life could have been drastically different. What if my Dad had been diagnosed with cancer 10 or 15 years earlier. If he had been unable to work, there would have been a major financial hardship on my family. My college options would have been limited, or I would have had to take on a mountain of student debt.

My Dad was so proud of saving for my college education. It would have destroyed him if that would have been taken away. With Disability Income Insurance, one can have the peace of mind that situations like this can be avoided.

You might be thinking you already have this coverage through your employer. You would most likely only be partially right. Many employers provide short term disability insurance but not long term disability. Short term liability is a nice benefit but doesn’t provide the protection needed in the event of a catastrophe.

A great thing about Disability Income policies is the ability to customize coverage for your particular needs. Please give us a call to discuss how Disability Income Insurance can protect you and your loved ones. We will work with you to find the best plan to meet your needs.

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