Wind Damage Leads to Pricier Claims

April 7, 2016


A little wind won’t hurt anything, right? I’m afraid that’s false. Wind Damage claims are in full effect during the spring months. Most people never prepare for them because they fail to understand that wind damage can take a nice chunk of money out of your pocket.

Lucky for you, wind damage is included in your home insurance and doesn’t require a special insurance coverage such as flood insurance. However, wind damage can become pretty pricey if ignored for too long. It is a gateway for far greater damage claims once it’s done, such as water damage.


Wind damage can cause any of the following issues to your home;

  • Garage Door damage
  • A damaged roof with shingles flying off
  • Broken windows from flying debris
  • Trees in your yard(or your neighbors yard) can be blown over and hit your home


How to Prevent or Minimize Wind Damage?


Reinforcing the garage door

It is important that your garage door is at least impact-resistant, although hurricane-proof is the best. However, if you live in an area that isn’t prone to hurricanes, impact-resistant is your best bet cost wise. Or, if you do not wish to purchase an entirely new door, you can also install a bracing kit designed to protect your garage door from high winds.


Secure Shingles

Having shingles missing from your roof can allow water damage to take place. To make sure your shingles are secured properly, you, or a roofer, should have at least 6 nails to hold each shingle down. You can also install a waterproof underlayment beneath the shingles to keep the rain out just in case it stills blows off.


Cover Windows & Doors

You can always consider installing steel or aluminum storm shutters on your windows, and any French or sliding glass doors you may have in the back of your home. Closing the shutters will take a few seconds and can be done at any time to prevent flying debris from doing any damage.


Remove Trees near Your Home

You should definitely look into trimming any trees that could possibly become a threat to your home by falling or hitting it. If a tree happens to fall on your car, it then becomes an auto claim, no matter where the tree comes from. Also, if you’re planning on planting new trees, do your research and see what kind of trees can withstand high winds better than others.


Wind damage may not seem like a serious issue to some, until claims start rolling out and payments have to be made in large amounts. Lots of our clients have filed claims due to wind damage this spring, and we want to make sure everyone knows ways that they can prevent these things from happening.


If you want more information on how you can possibly prevent this type of situation from occurring, feel free to give us a call for some tips at 217-345-7063, or even ask us on our Facebook!

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